We are a
NEW Generation Production Company

with well-established values and quality requirement, producing new movies in a traditional way. We offer our creativity and our knowledge in cinematographic productions in order to permit the production of movies, video clip, music, Musicals, and theater and event. We are involved in the process from the creation to the production and distribution of the finished project.

Welcome to Dionysos Entertainment, Inc.!

We will use the method of crowdfunding to finance projects. The crowdfunding is a technical project finance project start using the internet as a channel for linking between project leaders and people wishing to invest in these projects. It is new process to finance project thanks to other who believe in. Directors present their project on the website of Dionysos and people who want to see the production can finance it. In this way, only the best and promising project will be produced. This allows straight away to poll the public and to know which project will succeed by putting in the public’s hands the choice of its entertainment.

Then, we can provide shooting trucks and our expertise to produce the most popular projects. We believe in production in a traditional way with latest technology. In fact, our shooting trucks are equipped with the cutting edge of technology and our experts are constantly researching new technologies. Furthermore, our engineer are experienced professionals who will make every effort to complete project.