Our Activities

DIONYSOS offers its global expertise to fulfill all your audiovisual and multimedia projects, from design to commercialization, at the international scale following 3 essential guidelines: Creativity, Professionalism, and Entertaining. Our team would provide you with its know-how and skills, equipment can be loaned by DIONYSOS and, once your project is completed, DIONYSOS would ensure its distribution to television and DVD distributors.

Our activity is divided into three main areas: Crowdfunding, lending of shooting trucks and the production of a variety of audiovisual content.


CROWDFUNDING allows people with ideas to obtain the necessary funds from the public, through an internet platform.

In our case, we will use crowdfunding to present the public with movies or any production projects which they will be able to finance according to their liking. If a project receives enough funds, it will be produced. In cases where the funding is not sufficient, the funding participants will be reimbursed or will be offered the possibility to transfer their investment on another project.

In exchange for their investment, the investors will see their favorite projects achieved, obtain the possibility to see the project in preview or the DVD depending on the amount invested.

In addition, the investors will have the opportunity to follow the production of the project in a timely manner. Indeed, we will broadcast on the internet the day-to-day progress of the filming through webcams. The investors will know how their project grows. However, some scenes will not be disclosed to keep the suspense necessary for each production.

Lending of shooting trucks

Dionysos Corporation supports young filmmakers in their projects by lending them trucks containing all the necessary shooting equipment and accompanied by two technicians who will watch over the materiel and provide help with its utilization. Indeed, production equipment are really expansive and can put the brake on a project when the necessary funds are not existent. Therefore by providing the materiel to produce projects in which we believe, we give them the possibility to exist and grow.

Our purpose is here to assist young filmmakers, and not to act as a producing company. We do not take in charge all the production process or interact with all the staff involved, we merely give the keys and basic equipment for the completion of a project. The assistance can go beyond the lending of equipment with the creation of a support team of professionals and specialists meant to share their expertise. The help can include the writing of the scenario, the finding of locations and the diffusion of the movie after its production.

We want to give young directors the tools to bring their project to life, but we expect them to prove they can do a lot with little materiel and low costs.

Production of audiovisual content

We are much more than a traditional movie producer. We produce movies, reports, and documentaries and offer to obtain their rights to distribute them. But we also propose to draft your scripts and to sell pilots made by ourselves or others. More specifically we are willing to provide you with the custom-designed pilots you had in mind. For existing pilots, we offer a license on the entire project. Last but not least, we offer to acquire your TV shows, your synopsis, adaptation rights.

We also produce records and help you to access a serious music distribution channel. In order to gain more popularity, Dionysos offers its known-how expertise in movies production for your ideal music video clip.

Finally, we help to fix a theatre piece on a HD film roll. In addition of the HD quality movie, Dionysos can promote your events by preparing video clips according to your special needs, including the delivery to the specific audience you target.