First Cut

First Cut

First Cut is the first project of Dionysos team. It is based on a real yet dramatic story, the one of two families facing despair when the lives of their daughters are at risk.
First cut tells the struggle of two families faced with organ traffic. The first family lives in the United States and is waiting for an eye transplant for their daughter who is at the edge of losing her sight. Too far on the waiting list, and despite all of her parent’s desperate action and legal recourses, her time is running and her parents resolve, without her knowing, to the extreme solution offered by one of the doctors in place: buying an eye coming for organ traffic.

In South America, another family lives a quiet life until the daughter gets in an accident. While in surgery for her injuries, her eye is being taken from her and given to the American girl.

An NGO is made aware of the situation and appeals to the CIA for an investigation on the traffic.

A long and difficult trial begins then between the two families, both fighting to give their daughter the best possible life. A true legal and human difficulty arises when the parents of the South American young girl ask for the eye to be returned to their daughter.


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