This movie is the adaptation on screen of the novel written by Pierre Rey. He first entered the journalism as an illustrator and became a columnist, which made him realize his gift for writing. Paling around with Hollywood stars and the Parisian high-society, Pierre Rey is an epicurean. But the shadow of depression embraced him, leading him to the office of famous psychologist Jacques Lacan. He then dedicated himself to writing.

“On the one hand, Swiss banks. In the secrecy of their safes dug under the ground, behind the anonymity of the numerated accounts, they hold a quarter of the world’s wealth. Protected by the well-known “banking secrecy”, this fabulous affluence makes the Switzerland the bank safe of the planet.

On the other hand, the Mafia. Cosa Nostra possesses or controls, thanks to FVCs (Financial Vehicles Corporations), at least 65% of both American and European companies. Net revenue: 20 000 billions of francs.

Money has no smell, they say. Except when a war explodes between the two occult super-powers the day the banks defy the Mafia. That day, money takes the taste of blood. Indeed, if nothing can resist to Italo Bebe Volpone and Don Ettore Gabelotti, the powerful heads of the family of the crime syndicate, nothing in the world can make Homer Kloppe, a banker of Zurich, give up”.


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